Director’s Chair

Director’s Chair

I can’t believe we are back in the full swing of school. We are already in our second week of classes, boy does time fly. If you are like most moms out there, do you find yourself having to have a degree in management to juggle all your kid’s activities? I feel like I have sticky notes stuck everywhere to remind me of everything I have to do until I get into a routine. I want to commend all the new kids for having the courage to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. You should be proud of yourselves for doing it even if you decide something isn’t your favorite, at least you gave it a shot and you are a better person for it. I am also so proud of all our new preschoolers who got up the courage to leave mommy’s side and try class for the first time. That is a big step.

In this hectic time of back to school, make sure you leave time for your kids to just be kids. Nothing beats a chance for your kids to play quietly in their rooms using their imagination. Don’t get too busy to set aside time to be a family and remember the imortant things in life. We are so glad you are with us this year. We want to share memories with you and your family.

Summer 2012

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Let’s talk SUMMER CAMP! With over 10 years under the same dedicated family ownership, Off Broadway offers a safe and wholesome environment where campers succeed and grow; it’s a place where every camper gets individual attention and guidance. Our unique programs cater to kids who want to fill their summers with a variety of camps specially crafted for beginners through advanced performers. See Summer Camp...

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