Attention Parents of Children With a Passion for the Arts!


The Complete Stage Guide for Kids

  • Is your Child Nervous About Their Next Audition?
  • Do You Want To Be Able Help Prepare Your Child Better for Their Next Audition?
  • Do You Feel Like You Are The Only Parent Who Doesn’t know About The Theatre World?

We’re here to help. “The Complete Stage Guide for Kids” will guide your child and assist them by…

  • Preparing them for all the ins and outs for the next audition and how to ace it. with
  • Providing them with common Theatre terminology so you and them aren’t left in the dark.
  • Know what to expect through the rehearsal and performance process.


The Complete Stage Guide for Kids is an essential tool for parents to help their child become“Triple Threat Performers.” With “The Complete Stage Guide for Kids”, your child will be prepared, happy and confident on stage.

  • Do you feel helpless when preparing your child for auditions because it all seems so foreign?
  • Have you been hearing about all the tools you need to promote your child (like headshots, resumes, agents etc.) but have no idea how to finding the right resources ?
  • Are you ready for laser-focused, practical training on the strategies you need to help your child succeed without all the stress, overwhelm and confusion?

“The Complete Stage Guide for Kids”includes:

  • 10 Ways to Ace the Audition – We explain practical tips to prepare for the next audition.
  • Backstage Mom’s Survival Guide – Letting you know what to expect and what to bring for you child’s next performance.
  • Glossary of Common Theatre Terms – Helps you understand Theatre language.

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