Raising Stars Masterclass Video Series


Join coach, Shannon Mayer, as she provides you with practical solutions to help you parent your performing artist.  No more feeling unprepared when your child walks into an audition and left wondering why they weren’t cast. Gone are the days of low self confidence and esteem for your child.  With this work at your own pace video series, Shannon provides you with Six Weekly Videos along with downloadable worksheets and templates.  Topics include:

    • Music Preparation
    • Cold Reading and Monologue Preparation
    • Headshot/Resumes
    • Rehearsal and Performance Process
    • Classes and Training
    • Parenting Your Performer

*****Bonus Vocal Exercise Audio: Exercises to work on breath support, diction and proper vocal placement.

Purchase for a Limited Time: Only $97 (Regularly $250)

Raising Star KickStarter Program



A solution for the parent who wants to help their child who wants to be a “Triple Threat Performer” be the BEST they can be and still be a HAPPY, Confident Kid!

(Trust me, I know how much time you’ve invested in figuring this stuff out and wondering if you’re doing it right!)


Finally: An Affordable, Easy-to-Understand, Information-Packed Training Program Designed to Help You Kick-Start your Child into the World of the Performing Arts and have the be a Happy, Successful, Confident kid!


The Raising Stars Kick Starter provides the foundation you need to grow your Performer and have them be prepared, confident and professional in the world of the Performing Arts.


Raising Stars


Dear Drama Mama,

  • Do you know you could succeed in helping your child be a more confident, prepared, professional performer – if everything just wasn’t so foreign?
  • Have you been hearing about all the tools you need to promote your child (like headshots, resumes, agents etc.) but have no idea how to finding the right resources for you and your child?
  • Are you ready for laser-focused, practical training on the strategies you need to help your child succeed without all the stress, overwhelm and confusion?
  • Maybe you’ve tried classes and just don’t see the value. Or you’ve had them out auditioning, but they just don’t seem to be successful at it. You may have heard that your child needs to be a “Triple Threat Performer” – and you just don’t know what to do first. And everything you’re trying is pulling you and your child apart rather than building your relationship


The Raising Stars Kickstart Program is going to put your mind at ease and help you establish a foundation to boost your child’s success quickly! Let me show you how any parent – no matter how out of the loop you feel – can help your child become ‘a confident, prepared, professional Performer!

“But I don’t know anything about theatre!”

If you’re like many of my clients, you’re really great at being a parent and you want to help your child. You want to see your child succeed, but you can’t go on the audition for them! You don’t have years of training in Theatre, Dance or Music and you don’t have a fulltime agent or manager to help them for you!

That’s where I can help! Long before I created my company, I was working as a choreographer, Director and Producer for numerous regional and Children’s Theatres as well as a Performer myself. I’ve invested years of time (and a lot of money!) into my own education on the Performing Arts and the Production process. I’ve seen the mistakes child actors make and I know the simple methods to help correct them. I’ve developed a library of resources and numerous of tips and tricks for making these methods simple and effective – no matter how much or how little you know about the world of the Performing Arts.

These are the same ideas I share with my private clients – from the mom entrepreneur who’s just getting started her child started in school plays, to the mom whose child is auditioning for National Tours who simply never had the opportunity to learn this information. And now I’m inviting you to create this foundation for your child as well – through a simple, affordable program designed specifically for parents and conveniently available in this four-week virtual format.

“But I don’t have time to take training courses – I just want to know how to do what I need to do for my child.”

The last thing I want you to do is spend too much time learning things that you’ll never need to use. The Raising Stars Kick Starter program was made with the busy parent in mind – giving you the strategies you need and a realistic but effective plan for helping your child grow as a Performer. No, I’m not guarantee your child will be cast in every lead role from now on. But I am going to show you WHAT you need to know and HOW to apply it to your child’s journey in an easy-to-understand training program. AND…I’m going to give you the resources that will make the work easier and save you time.

“But I’m not even sure the Performing Arts are right for my child! How can I be sure this is good for my child?”

Becoming an Actor is opening up a world of life lessons for you and your child. As the parent of your child, you constantly seek new information and skills to help grow into the best person they can be. The Raising Stars Kick Starter course is the absolutely necessary foundation that every parent of a performer needs in order to compete in today’s talent pool. It’s an investment in the future of your child – one that will pay for itself in the confidence and self esteem your child gains, once you realize how these tools can work for you and your child. In fact, the cost of the program is probably less than most Triple Threat Training Courses. (And it’s less than most of us moms spend on our children’s sports activities. Isn’t it funny how we are willing to invest in soccer lessons for our child’s future but hesitant to invest in their growth as an artist?)

Sure, you can do your research and spend hundreds of dollars with every Masterclass that comes through and it’s great to expose your children to as many teachers as possible. But we’ve made it easy and affordable for you to learn just what you need to know, without leaving the house. And because this program was developed by me a mom myself, I understand your unique challenges and frustrations. In other words, I get it. So invest in you’re your child’s happiness and success – you’ll be surprised at how quickly it will pay for itself.


The Raising Stars Kick Starter empowers you with Tools and Resources to help your Child Grow into a Confident, Successful, Professional Performer


You’ll learn:

  • How to correctly format a resume!
  • The top 10 ways to Ace the Audition
  • Headshot tips to market your child best.
  • Ways to improve cold reading skills.
  • Tips for choosing appropriate audition material☺
  • What dance classes are beneficial to your training.
  • Where to find Auditions
  • What supplies every child needs to have backstage during a show
  • Common Song Choice mistakes how to correct them.
  • Is a Manager or Agent Necessary to have?
  • How to conduct yourself at an audition.
  • Tips dressing appropriately for an audition
  • What happens once your cast
  • Resources and reference material that will leave you equipped to pursue that dream




Consider this your own personal business retreat!


I want you to have a sense of confidence and accomplishment – without the hassle and expense of traveling to me! How am I going to deliver that? I’m glad you asked!


Here’s how it works:


When you register for the Raising Stars Kickstart Program, you get four full weeks of training and support in the form of:


Audio Training: Four Audio training sessions in which I spend 30 minutes teaching you the foundations for effective audition components: Music,Cold Reading and Movement, how to pursue auditions and resume and headshot tips to bring you up to speed in today’s world of the Performing Arts! These training modules will be delivered to you online – once per week.


Toolkits: Each weekly lesson contains worksheets, handouts or templates to help you apply the information directly to helping your child grow into a confident, prepared performer!


Clarity Kick-Start: A Foundation Setting session in which you will assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and set intentions for the changes and growth you want to see in your child. This session begins the week before your Audio training modules so you are prepared to jump right in when the program starts!


Audition Consultation: A chance to have your child’s audition piece viewed and critiqued on the spot via Skype or in person if local. Changes can be made on cut of song, song choice and basic vocal direction along with how to bring that character to life onstage.


Bonus Gift! Access to my personal Rolodex filled with resources I use in my own business – products, vendors, tools and other resources that help me (and many of my clients).


More Bonus Gifts!


You will receive my personal “Practical Guide to Theatre for kids and Parents ” Bonus Pack:

This guide helps parents discover the arts with a practical approach. The arts teach children life skills they can draw upon forever and this book will help you enjoy the journey even more by explaining the ins and outs of the industry.

A Cold Read Cheat Sheet to help your child get a handle on developing a character in their next audition.


Ready to help your child grow into the BEST Performer they can be?


“Ok, Shannon, I am ready to learn the tools and strategies for my child to feel confident and prepared at every audition. I want to get the tools and resources to help my child grow in a way that feels right for me!”


I’m ready to register for the

Raising Stars Kickstart Program

for just $400


The Raising Star’s Guarantee is Just like borrowing your sister’s favorite sweater, I want you to feel free to try on the Raising Stars Kickstart Program for two weeks with absolutely NO RISK.


Raising Stars Program Guarantee

I am 100% confident that this program will be a powerful tool that will help you help your child become the best, confident and prepared performer they can be. I promise to teach you. To inspire you. To help equip you and your child for success. But, I am not guaranteeing casting of your child in a role. You and your child have to pursue training in the Performing Arts and put forth consistent effort to see growth as a performer. If you are doing all of this and for some reason you are not 100% satisfied within 14 days after the start of the program I will gladly refund your money. (Because we are all parents.) I want your child to succeed – and to be fully satisfied with your experience with Raising Stars.


Many blessings,