Off Broadway | Childrens Theatre in Roswell

How to register for classes.

Studio Poicies

Class Attendance

Consistent attendance at classes is extremely important for all performers. Please arrive on time for all classes, dressed in appropriate dance attire and ready to begin class. Students should be dropped off for class 10 or 15 minutes before class time. Please call if a student will be absent or very late for class.

Parents of Pre-school and Kindergarten children are asked to be sure to have their child visit the restroom before class begins so there are no interruptions in class time. It is the responsibility of parents of young children to pick up their children immediately after class, as we cannot be responsible for unattended children in the studios. A late charge will take effect if a child is left waiting longer than 15 minutes after class.

Class Time Observation

In order to maintain the attention of the students, discipline during class and to avoid interruptions in the teaching atmosphere, parents, siblings and observers are not allowed in the classrooms at any time unless specifically invited for a particular reason. Classroom doors are not to be opened during class times. For observation purposes,look thru windows in the lobby.

Studio Etiquette

We request and expect students and parents to be respectful to instructors, other students and other parents. Please refrain from profanity, negative attitudes, harmful behavior, hurtful gossip and disrespect in any form in our studios. Anyone engaging in such conduct may be asked to leave. While students, parents, siblings and observers are welcome in the lobby, we ask that there be no running, shouting or disruptive behavior in the lobby or elsewhere in any of the classrooms, changing rooms or hallways. Children not taking classes must not be left alone without adult supervision. Eating is allowed on the tables provided in the lobby but please clean up after yourself before leaving. Only water bottles are allowed in the classroom studios—no food, sodas or gum.

In the interest of safety, do not park at curbside for pickup and drop off — have your child wait until someone comes in the studio to pick them up.

Studio Closings

Closed days for inclement weather and holidays will coincide with Fulton County School closings, however on teacher workdays our studios will be open. In addition, when Halloween falls on a class day, our studios will be closed.

Enrollment & Registration Fees

Each student: $35 Registration; each additional student in family: $25 (All fees are non-refundable)

Tution can be paid four different ways for your convience:

  • Ten monthly payments -- we can store your credit card for monthly payments.
  • Pay monthly by credit card, cash or check
  • Full ten month tuition payment split into 2 payments -- August and January (You will receive a 5% discount!)
  • One payment for the entire ten-month season with a 10% discount. (You will receive a 10% discount!)

Tuition is due on the first of the month with a late fee of $15 for any payments made after the 10th of the month. Any returned checks will carry a $30 fee.

Your OBCT student's 1st Months' Tuition is Due at Registration. Your September tuition is due to hold the class placement.

Age cut off for classes is December 1, 2013. Example: To enroll for a 3 yr old class, the student must turn 3 on or before December 1, 2013.

Worried your student won't enjoy a particular classes?

We have very few who don't enjoy it; however, in the case your student needs to withdraw during the dance season - we simply require a two (2) week notice prior to the next month. You are not required at the time of registration to stay for the entire season.

Note: If withdrawing from any class, written notice is required before the first of the next month; missed classes are not eligible for any refunds but can be made up according to prior scheduling. Account statements and announcements are not mailed—please read bulletins, e-mails, newsletters and postings in the studio for vital information on events, rehearsals, etc.

Open class tuition is scaled as follows:

  • $55/month ... 1st one-hour class
  • $43/month ... 2nd one-hour class
  • $32/month ... each additional one-hour class

Please note: Off Broadway Children's Theater reserves the right to withdraw any student from our class enrollment in for any reason deemed appropriate including excessive tardiness or absences, disruptive or offensive behavior, non-compliance to studio rules or non-payment of any account charges.